Breast Reconstruction After Cancer Surgery

Dr. Sattler has experience with all of the variety of breast reconstruction techniques, including one and two stage implant reconstructions, oncoplastic breast procedures, and the use of Alloderm and Strattice biomaterials to improve breast reconstruction results for his Seattle area patients. 

Dr. Sattler is one of the only surgeons in the Northwest with experience using BRAVA external expansion and fat grafting techniques for total breast reconstruction.

Dr. Sattler also offers opposite-side breast to achieve balance and symmetry with your reconstructed breast.  As for all types of plastic surgery, results are optimal in non-smokers and in patients close to their ideal body weight.

There are a variety of breast reconstruction techniques designed to restore the volume and symmetry that existed prior to treatment for breast cancer. These reconstructive procedures can be done at the time of cancer surgery (immediate reconstruction) or after cancer therapy has been completed (delayed reconstruction). The decision making process can be complex, and depends on a number of factors that are determined during your breast cancer work-up and treatments. The treatment plan for breast reconstruction is ideally formulated with you, your cancer surgeon and oncology doctors and the plastic surgeon all working together and making coordinated decisions.

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