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Jun 09

Scott Sattler MD

Brazilian Buttock Lift at Sound Plastic Surgery

by Scott Sattler MD

The 'ideal' female form changes periodically - if you have been paying attention to the media, you've noticed the buttocks has taken a more 'prominent' role in shaping the ideal female form. 

The posterior view of the female form is composed of the waist area, which extends from the lower rib level to the crest of the pelvis. From there, the hips begin and end at the outside of the thigh.

This cascade of anatomic zones frames the buttocks.

By liposuctioning the waist, hips and lateral thighs, we can create the illusion of a more prominent buttock - this is the 'subtraction' principle.

We can then take the large volume of fat obtained from liposuction and process it to remove all fibrous, oil and aqeuous components.

With fat grafting techniques, we can enhance the prominence, shape and volume of the buttock to create a 'brazilian butt lift'

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