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Dr. Scott Sattler is an owner of Sound Plastic Surgery, an award winning clinic for plastic and reconstructive surgery in Seattle, WA. We provide individualized and patient-centered surgical and medical care for our patients.  We provide a cosmetic consultation and a surgical plan (or less invasive procedure) that is specifically designed for you. This treatment plan may include a combination of surgery, a minimally invasive treatment, and treatments with our aesthetician.

During a cosmetic surgery consultation in our clinic, you have the opportunity to express what is most important about your cosmetic issue. Using this information, Dr. Sattler will discuss what surgical and less-invasive treatment options are available to you. We then discuss the risks and benefits of procedures that we offer and assess how comfortable you are with each option. In summary,  Dr. Sattler and you will design your treatment plan together.

Our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and Operating Rooms

Our cosmetic surgery practice is based at Sound Plastic Surgery, the state of the art cosmetic surgery clinic in Seattle, Washington, adjacent to the University Village shopping center. Most of our outpatient surgical procedures are done in our private and accredited ambulatory surgery center, adjacent to our clinic. This means our patients receive the privacy and quality of care that they deserve.  Our peri-operative clinic staff is probably the most experienced group in the Pacific Northwest. I think you'll find that it is superb nursing care and experience that make the difference for patient safety and comfort.

The Cosmetic Consultation

  • Our surgical and cosmetic injection consultations are free of charge. We invite you to our clinic to discuss your aesthetic goals and then discuss a plan to reach those reasonable goals.
  • During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to review a series of before and after photos of the procedure you are interested in.
  • If you are interested in scheduling surgery, we will meet again for a pre-operative appointment about two weeks prior to surgery.
  • If we've decided that cosmetic injections with Botox or facial fillers makes the most sense for your situation, then Dr. Sattler can treat you at the time of the consultation.
  • At the conclusion of the consultation, you will have a complete price-quote for the procedures we've discussed in hand. This outlines all costs of the procedure, including all surgery fees, anesthesia and OR fees, supplies and any post-operative garments you might need.
  • After your surgery, all follow-up clinic visits with our staff are free of charge.

A Practice within a Culture of Safety

Our plastic surgery practice is built around a culture of safety. 'Culture' is defined as a set of shared understandings between members of a group. Your safety during a cosmetic procedure is of supreme importance to me and our organization.

The members of our practice work together to produce safe patient outcomes for each patient we care for. This is of particular importance in the operating room environment. Board-certified anesthesia providers take care of our patients in the O.R. We follow written intra-operative and post-operative care protocols for every procedure I perform. Patient safety is part of the culture in my practice.

We thank you for considering us for your cosmetic surgical needs and look forward to serving you at Sound Plastic Surgery.


May 14, 2024

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