Breast Augmentation

Dr. Scott Sattler has been performing cosmetic breast augmentation surgery in his Seattle area cosmetic surgery practice for years. Patients from around the Washington, Oregon and Canada regions have relied on Dr. Sattler to help them achieve beautiful, consistent and safe cosmetic breast implant results. 

What's new in Cosmetic Breast Implant Surgery ?

There are three types of breast implants available on the US market at this time

  • Smooth round silicone cohesive gel breast implants from Allergan, Mentor and Sientra. I use this style of implant for most of the cosmetic breast surgery that I do. 
  • The form-stable highly cohesive gel 'gummy bear' implant from Allergan, Mentor and Sientra. I use this 'shaped' implant for patients that desire a very natural breast augmentation result, and for patients with particular anatomic features, like a tight lower pole skin envelope.
  • Saline breast implants from Allergan and Mentor. I use this style of implants for patients that specifically prefer saline implants. 


Before and After breast augmentation with smooth, round silicone implants in sub-muscular position via an infra-mammary incision. 

A video discussion about Breast Implant Surgery with Sound Plastic Surgery

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery like ?

Dr. Sattler performs all cosmetic breast augmentation procedures in accredited operating room facilities. The breast augmentation operation can be done either under 'twilight sedation' or a general anesthetic. There are pros and cons to both anesthetic methods. In general, recovery after 'twilight anesthesia' is easier, with less nausea. The operation can be accomplished very efficiently during a general anesthetic. Your anesthesia provider will discuss the options with you prior to surgery.

I've found that the use Exparel long-acting local anesthetic during the breast augmentation procedure to be an important tool to control post-operative pain. 

At the conclusion of your breast augmentation surgery you are placed in a soft supportive bra. Prior to your discharge from our facility, you and your caregiver will be given detailed instructions about your post-surgical care and post-operative appointment with Dr. Sattler.

What should I expect during the recovery process ?

The first 2-5 days following your breast augmentation surgery you may feel stiff and sore in the chest region. Your breasts may feel tight and sensitive to the touch, and your skin may feel warm or itchy. You may experience difficulty raising your arms. You may begin light exercise as soon as you feel ready.  Most residual swelling will resolve within a month.

While it will take several days to return to more normal activities after your breast augmentation, it is important to your recovery that you get up and move around. After breast augmentation, it is often possible to return to work within just a few days or a week, depending on the type of activities that are required at your job.

How much does Breast Augmentation Surgery cost ?

The cost for breast implant surgery with Dr. Sattler in our Seattle area clinic and operating room facility is based on several factors, including which implant you choose to use for your surgery.  Breast implant financing is available through CareCredit. The cost for breast augmentation surgery is all inclusive and includes the following.

  • Surgeon's Fee
  • Facility Fee
  • Anesthesia Fee
  • Implant Fee
  • Surgical Garment Fee
  • All post op care with Dr. Sattler

Click to apply for a CareCredit loan or call the office 206-729-2248 for more information.

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